"I’m scared as hell to want you. But here I am, wanting you anyway."

Found your blurb on the LWLLUL page and thought I'd say hi. Hi. :D Inquiring minds want to know--is being a Lakers fan a deal breaker? :))

Uhm yes because you are actually doing nothing but rooting for a team of Crybaby’s that literally cried their way through to get their last championship.

Today 3 boys of the age of 9/10 walked down the street and i heard them talk: one boy was like, yeah im a boy and i like girls, and the other boy was like when a boy likes a boy u are gay. And the other boy went like yeah and when a girl likes a girl ur a lesbian and i like girls too so i am a lesbian. XD made me laugh.

Lol. Uhm alright. Well I’m as queer as rainbows too.